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Remote DevOps team and why do you need it?

Nowadays DevOps is the most popular and efficient approach to software development. DevOps is a practical implementation of the Agile methodology. A lot of IT companies provide DevOps services today, for example, where you can find a remote DevOps team. But firstly, let’s understand why do you need such a team.

Before the Agile, development teams used the Waterfall model. This is a strictly planned approach to software development that includes next steps:

  1. Requirements
  2. Analysis
  3. Design
  4. Code/Implementation
  5. Testing
  6. Operation/Deployment
  7. Maintenance

The main problem is in steps 4-6. It looks fine but in reality, Waterfall brings the problem of continuous throwing responsibility between developers, QA engineers, and IT Operations. Developers write code, QA engineers make tests, IT Operations deploy software, but the longer the project is, the more problems you might have.

For example, while the developer writes code, QA engineer and IT Operation don’t have tasks. When code is ready, QA engineer makes tests but the developer and IT Operation don’t have tasks. When IT Operation deploys the code… yes, developer and QA engineer don’t have tasks.

In small projects, such pauses can be very short but the bigger project is, the more your timeout is. Of course, you can start another task or bug fix and make them both parallel but here are also some risks.

DevOps is a silver bullet for all the problems

IT community was tired of such a complex situation with the projects, so they decided to create the Agile manifesto. It is a list of rules of a new approach to software development. Agile is based on the strong collaboration between teams and respect for each other.

In general, Agile is a flexible approach allowing parallel work of the QA engineers, developers and IT Operations. Unlike the unwieldy Waterfall model, Agile provides cooperation and collaborative work. DevOps methodology has appeared after creating the Agile manifesto and became the practical accomplishment of Agile principles.

DevOps approach makes the work of the whole development team much easier. At first, it automates all the routine processes, for example, some tests and deployment, and then it works with the team’s mindset and makes the team more cohesive. The idea is to write code in small chunks that can be quickly tested and deployed after successful tests. It allows making frequent updates and bugfixes. At the same time, all the specialists have tasks always and shouldn’t wait their turn to work with the project and can communicate all the time they need.

But why do you need a remote DevOps team?

Well, the idea of the DevOps is great, but why do you need some DevOps team on your project? There is a simple answer. DevOps implementation can be pretty hard. DevOps engineer is a highly qualified specialist with wide experience. Unfortunately, DevOps implementation is almost impossible without a reliable DevOps team. Such a team knows the best practices and has ready solutions for your project. They can work both with tools and with your team. Thus, you’ll receive a great result and significantly increase efficiency.

It will be great for your team because they will have the ability to work better. It will also be great for your business because you will more competitive on the market. As a result, you’ll have a satisfied team and frequent releases with lower spending.

Where do you can find a DevOps team?

There are two common ways to find a DevOps team: hire them in-house one by one (long and laborious way) or hire a remote DevOps team (fast and efficient way). You might find a dedicated team in the company called a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Such companies provide different services and teams for projects. You just hire the necessary specialists and when the project is ready you say goodbye without regrets.

Wrapping up, the remote DevOps team is key to your successful project and satisfied employees.